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Welcome to the Vigil Security, LLC website! We provide computer and networking security consulting.

Russ Housley formed Vigil Security, LLC in September 2002 with the goal of helping customers design and implement diligently watchful security solutions.

Since March 2013, Russ has served as the chair of the Internet Activities Board (IAB), making him a non-voting member of the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), a voting member of the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC), and a Trustee for the IETF Trust. Since May 2013, Russ has served as a member of the Internet Research Steering Group (IRSG). From March 2007 to March 2013, Russ served as the chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

Russ has written two books, and he has given a vast number of presentations on many Internet-related topics.

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