Vigil Security, LLC Presentations

Here are some recent presentations given by Russ Housley.


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Key Management in Internet Security Protocols
8 June 2009

Presentation at the National Institure of Standards and Technology (NIST) Key Manageent Workshop in Gaithersburg, MD, USA.


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Successful Protocol Development
28 April 2009

Keynote speach at the Internet2 Spring Member Meeting in Arlington, VA, USA.


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Technologies that are Influencing the Internet
18 December 2008

Keynote speach at the China Next Generation Internet (CNGI) Engineering Forum in Bejing, China.


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Protocol Privacy Considerations
8 December 2010

Presentation at the IAB Workshop on Privacy in Cambridge, MA, USA.


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Emerging Wireless Internet Standards
1 June 2011

Presentation at the Wireless @ Virginia Tech Conference in Blacksburg, VA, USA.


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Extremely Brief Introduction to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
24 August 2011

Presentation at the Silicon Flatirons Roundtable on Internet Policy Strategies and Governance for the 21st Century in Boulder, CO, USA.

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Keynote at SIPNOC 2016.
23 June 2016

Presentation at SIPNOC 2016 in Herndon, VA, USA. The IETF STIR Working group and the IETF SIPBRANDY Working Group have the potential to improve the security of real-time communications.


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Certificates: Transition from Traditional Algorithms to PQC Algorithms
7 October 2020

Presentation at the NIST NCCoE Virtual Workshop on Considerations in Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithms. A recording of the workshop is available here.